• Line Boring

    Gen X Engineering has one of the newest Hofmann portable line boring machine on the market.

  • Fitting & Machining

    For all your precision machining and fitting jobs, we have 4 lathes and 2 milling machines.

  • Fabrication

    Fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling through various processes



Gen X Engineering

Welcome Gen X Engineering Pty Ltd, we are an Australian owned and Operated Business, established in June 2008. As the directors of the company, we saw an opportunity to start a Quality Focused Engineering company in the South West to accommodate the Mining and Manufacturing Companies as well as general public.

Gen X Engineering is registered with the Aboriginal Business Directory and believes in being a diverse and Equal Opportunity employer. All Policies and Procedures can be found (link) on this website.

Gen X Engineering’s commitment to Health Safety and Environment is reflected in all aspects of our business and is driven onsite and in our workshop facilities.

Being a small business gives us, the owners, the ability to be on the shop floor or onsite during all work under taken by Gen X Engineering. This gives our customers a real bonus to deal directly with us and see our passion for professionalism and quality.

Please feel free to contact Jack, Ryan & Matt for any queries and they will promptly reply.